Lone Liberal Has Meltdown on Fox News Panel: ‘I’m Being Yelled at By Everybody’

Things went off the rails on the Fox News show “Outnumbered” on Monday when Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov came on to discuss the left’s reaction to the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Mediaite reported that the segment began with the television personalities talking about the Democratic push to impeach Kavanaugh. Host Harris Faulkner laughed at this, saying that she does not think that they will be able to do this.

“How is this helpful for the cause of the Democrats in the midterm elections?” she asked, going on to say that she pities the left because Democrats are not focusing on issues that matter in this country like healthcare.

Tarlov then jumped in to say that she has been taking “frustration donations” due to her displeasure with Democrats “after the weekend that we had.” She went on to say that Democrats should “listen to Chris Coons… Who is saying, ‘Eh, I don’t know about this.’”

“What the impeachment talk does is it fires up a very specific subsection of the base — the most angry resistors,” she added.

Fellow panelists Kennedy, Lisa Boothe, and Steve Hilton started taking shots at Democrats for the way they behaved during the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

“I think what we have seen from the left is pure dysfunction, pure chaos, a party that is willing to do absolutely anything, even destroy an innocent man for political power,” Boothe said. “That’s exactly what we saw.”

Kennedy said that the “confirmation sort of handed even more kerosene to the loudest on the fringe to throw into the campfire,” and Hilton claimed that the loudest parts of the “loony left” makes up “100 percent” of the Democrats’ strategy. When Boothe argued that “Cory Booker [is] calling for people to get up in people’s faces” and “inciting the mob,” Tarlov lost her temper.

“I am literally being yelled at by everybody but Harris right now,” she lamented.

“I wasn’t yelling at you,” Kennedy replied, explaining that her comments were meant to be directed at Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

This just goes to show how divided our country remains to be over Kavanaugh’s confirmation, which took place in a close 50-48 Senate vote over the weekend. Democrats are desperate to find some way to impeach him, but it seems unlikely that they will be able to do so. President Donald Trump just spoke out to slam Democrats for already conspiring to impeach Kavanaugh.

“I’ve been hearing that that now they’re talking about impeaching a brilliant jurist, a man that did nothing wrong, a man that was caught up in a hoax set up by the Democrats using the Democrats’ lawyers, and now they want to impeach him,” Trump said, according to NBC News.  “I think it’s an insult to the American public.”

“The American public has seen this charade, has seen this dishonesty by the Democrats,” Trump continued, adding that Kavanaugh is “a top scholar, top student, top intellect and who did nothing wrong and there was no corroboration of any kind.”