Sarah Huckabee Sanders Eviscerates Hosts of ‘The View’ After They Bash Melania Trump

The leftwing hosts of the ABC talk show “The View” love nothing more than attacking President Donald Trump and his family. Last Thursday, the women of “The View” bashed Melania Trump over comments she made about the Me Too movement. Now, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is firing back at them in a big way.

The Daily Caller reported that “The View” hosts were furious by comments that Melania made during an interview with ABC’s Tom Llamas. Melania said that while women deserve to be listened to, they also need to have proof that they were sexually assaulted by the men that they accuse. While this sounds perfectly reasonable, “The View” hosts did not like it.

“Now you have the First Lady of the United States telling women everywhere your word is not enough,” whined host Sunny Hostin.

Guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown later bashed Melania for saying that she was not concerned about her husband’s alleged affairs, questioning if it was “possible that she’s not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them?”

Whoopi Goldberg also got in on the action by criticizing Melania’s fashion choices during her trip to Africa, where she wore a pith helmet.

“It’s really not a good thing to see, it represents a lot of stuff for folks, especially folks in Africa,” Whoopi said.

Sanders was incredibly disturbed by these vile attacks on the First Lady.

“Sad @TheView continues their disgusting attacks on @FLOTUS. The left’s ‘war on women’ they disagree with is a disgrace. @FLOTUS is strong, accomplished, and has a lot more class than the women who bully her,” Sanders tweeted.

Melania herself also fired back at “The View” hosts through her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham.

“[C]heck your facts before you accuse someone of being a mistress,” Grisham tweeted. “She’s your @FLOTUS – she deserves your respect & certainly not your lies. Disgusting. #disrespectful #accusation #LiberalMedia ”

The women of “The View” claim to be warriors for women, yet they continue to launch deranged and sexist attacks on the first lady. Clearly, they actually only believe in standing up for women who think the same way that they do. Melania Trump is a strong, intelligent woman who deserves more respect than this!