Megyn Kelly Booted from TV, Just One Year After Leaving Fox News

Megyn Kelly has been pulled from the 9 am hour on NBC, where she hosts her own show “Megyn Kelly Today.” The permanent cancellation of the show is imminent, according to a report by CNN.

Kelly will not be on the air Thursday and is not likely to return. She was pulled after she made comments about blackface on her show, which resulted in widespread outrage–including from anchors on her own network who publicly called her out.

A spokeswoman for NBC told CNN, “Given the circumstances, Megyn Kelly Today will be on tape the rest of the week.”

The show’s end date is reportedly still in negotiations.

At this point it is unclear if Kelly will stay with NBC News or leave altogether. She was originally scheduled to take part in the network’s coverage of November’s midterm elections.

Outrage erupted after Kelly said on air that she doesn’t understand why people get offended by blackface for Halloween costumes. She argued that dressing up as another race, in the spirit of Halloween, was “allowed” when she was a kid.

Immediately after NBC decided to remove Kelly from TV, she parted ways with her talent agency and hired a high-power attorney. It is likely that the host will be engaged in a lengthy legal battle regarding her mega contract–she makes $23 million per year at NBC even though her show’s ratings have tanked since she started at the network.

Since the beginning of her show, Kelly hasn’t fit in well with the staff, or the other anchors, at NBC News. Insiders have called her show a “complete disaster” from the start.

It seems clear that Kelly made a massive mistake by leaving Fox News for NBC. Kelly had a successful career at Fox News, which included a primetime slot, but left the network after a controversy between herself and then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. During a 2016 GOP Primary debate, Kelly asked Trump some tough–and arguably rude–questions about his relationships with women. The backlash against Kelly was harsh.

The incident caused Kelly to lose support from a significant number of right-leaning viewers. By the time she got to NBC, she had little support from the right–but the left already disliked her due to her tenure at Fox and non-liberal views.

So now Kelly is left with nowhere to go and no fans in her corner. It is unclear what the future holds for her.