‘Racist Pig’: CNN Panel Goes Off the Rails When Ana Navarro Starts Yelling – Has Tantrum

Name calling has become the norm on CNN.

Host Chris Cuomo had “Republican” strategist Anna Navarro on with pro-Trump strategist Steve Cortes. When Cortes attempted to debate Navarro, she responded by having a full-blown tantrum and shouting him down whenever he attempted to speak.

The fireworks start at the 9:30 mark in the video below–Navarro’s name calling, like “racist pig,” took over the segment:

The left has become increasingly unhinged as the midterm elections approach. Today, Americans are heading to the polls. The elections are largely seen as a referendum on President Donald Trump.

While polls say that Democrats will take back the House, it is unclear if those polls are accurate. After all, polls in 2016 showed that Trump had no chance at winning the presidency.