Broward County Election Supervisor Gets Bad News – The Jig Is Up!

Jeff Kottkamp, the former Lieutenant Governor of Florida, revealed that a Florida campaign worker has signed an affidavit stating that he or she witnessed Broward County Elections staff filling out blank ballots.

What’s more, when the individual came forward about what he or she saw, the individual was fired and told not to come back.

Now the supervisor of Broward County elections, Brenda Snipes, could be facing disciplinary action.

The Caldwell lawsuit being referred to by Kottkamp is related to Republican Matt Caldwell.

According to a report by The News-Press, Caldwell filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Broward County Supervisor of Elections. Caldwell ran for Agricultural Commissioner.

From the report:

The campaign of the Republican candidate for agricultural commissioner sent a news release Friday afternoon announcing that his attorneys filed a lawsuit in the 17th judicial circuit “asking the court to protect the integrity of all ballots and all public records relating to the election for Commissioner of Agriculture.”

Caldwell thought he had edged out a victory in the agricultural commissioner race Tuesday night when he had about a 40,000 vote lead over Democratic candidate Nikki Fried.

But the latest vote count shows Caldwell losing by 3,120 votes to Fried. The difference between the candidates is .04 percent, signaling an automatic recount, and a likely manual recount.

Rick Scott’s campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee are also suing Broward County for not releasing more information about its ongoing count. There are a number of red flags that have been raised, including the fact that across the entire county, 26,000 fewer votes were cast in the US Senate race than in the governor’s race–suggesting that some ballots may have been filed illegally.

Furthermore, the country supervisor Brenda Snipes “mixed up” some invalid ballots along with 200 valid ones, according to Fox News. At this time, no disciplinary action has been taken against the supervisor. But that could all be changing soon, with the affidavit.