CNN Segment Goes Off the Rails, Liberal Guest Has Mental Breakdown: ‘WHAT?!’

Once again, a CNN panel went off the rails. This time, far-left commentator Angela Rye appears to have completely snapped at her fellow panelist.

During the segment, the panel was discussing President Trump’s treatment of black women reporters according to Mediaite. Host Chris Cuomo said that Trump asked reporter April Ryan to set up a meeting with a black caucus, as though it was her “tribe.”

Conservative panelist Niger Innis responded by saying that Trump’s assumption that April would have connections to the Black Caucus was okay. Ryan works for American Urban Radio.

Not surprisingly, Rye didn’t agree. She shot back, “Maybe she does represent American Urban Radio Network. But all that means that there are urban communities over the country that expect April to ask, as you would call, ‘buffalo wing spicy’ questions.”

Innis then pointed out the obvious–that Trump never said “buffalo wings”–but Rye wouldn’t let him get a word in.

She went on to argue that black women hate Trump and added, “There is a synonym between nationalism and racism and you’re boy [Trump] is it.”

Innis then pointed out that Republicans did well with black women in Florida.

This is when all hell broke loose. Check out the clip above, via CNN.