Hollywood Star Launches Despicable Attack On Barron Trump

During the eight years that Barack Obama was in the White House, his daughters Malia and Sasha were considered to be off limits from attacks by the public. Unfortunately, 12 year-old Barron Trump is not being given this same courtesy, as liberals seem to see him as fair game to attacks.

Breitbart reported that Ellen Barkin became the latest Hollywood liberal to target Barron after she decided to bring him into a deranged rant about politics. Barkin had the nerve to beg Barron to stop his “blood-soaked monster” of a father’s “chain of hate” after last week’s mass shooting in California.

“you did this trump. you blood-soaked monster 11 young ppl 1 chp officer dead, so far,” she tweeted. “and yes the gunman was white. how do u feel dana loesch murderer? how do u feel wayne la pierre murderer? tell us how we must be armed 24/7 wherever we go. u will reap what u sow #DeadAmerika.”

After saying that Donald Trump has “murdered our country, Barkin addressed Barron.

“dear barron, you are not responsible for what your father has done,” she wrote. “you are not him. you are yourself, a brilliant young man w love-filled eyes. i see only you, not him. i have faith in u to break the chain of hate. i hold you in my heart. bless you beautiful boy.”

It’s despicable that Barkin would involve a little boy in this deranged political rant. Had anyone targeted Malia and Sasha in this way, there would be mass outrage from liberals and the mainstream media. Since Barron is a Trump, however, Barkin has not gotten any backlash for what she did.

Liberals can hate President Trump as much as they want to, but they need to leave Barron alone!