BREAKING: Trump Makes Unexpected Move, Delivers 2 Major Pro-Life Victories

BREAKING NEWS: To the horror of “feminists” on the left, President Trump just delivered two substantial victories to the pro-life movement.

During his presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump was criticized by some on the right for not being truly pro-life; they pointed to his history of making pro-choice statements. These critics argued that Trump was only pretending to be pro-life to win the election.

But now it’s clear that Trump could be the most pro-life president in the history of the nation. He recently addressed the annual March for Life event and supported some serious legislation to protect the lives of the unborn and prohibit abortions on demand.

According to a report in Fortune, Trump just finalized two regulations related to Obamacare. Both regulations protect religious and moral objectors from the burdensome Obama-era HHS abortifacient drug mandate.

The first allows employers to deny abortion-inducing medications on the basis of religious exemptions. The second changes Obamacare requirements, which previously used federal funding for abortion procedures.

What this means is that Catholic nun groups and churches, for example, are no longer forced to include abortion drugs in their healthcare plans. The move is being hailed as a major win by the pro-life community.

fact sheet released by the Department of Health and Human Services lists the Obama-era regulations that forced people and companies to provide abortion drugs–even if it goes against their moral or religious views.

Not surprisingly, so-called feminists and pro-choice groups are painting the steps as a major threat to women’s healthcare rights. Emily Stewart, the vice president of public policy at Planned Parenthood said in a statement, “The Trump-Pence administration has done more in two years to undermine access to reproductive health care than any administration in modern history has done in eight.”

Dawn Laguens, Planned Parenthood’s executive vice president, called the proposal “dangerous.”

It should come as no surprise that the Planned Parenthood community is trying to incite fear over these recent steps by the Trump Administration; after all, if their abortion funding is threatened, their entire organization could go down the tubes. This is why they are terrified of Trump and the GOP.