Diamond & Silk Get Their Own Show on Fox News’ New Streaming Service

On the Monday following Thanksgiving, Fox News announced that it will be rolling out a weekly show on Fox Nation–the network’s new streaming service–featuring Diamond & Silk.

Fox Nation is a streaming-only service that’s currently being rolled out by Fox News. It’s been branded as “Fox News on steroids,” and will feature the network’s most opinionated voices. Some other talent that will be featured on Fox Nation are Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, and Greg Gutfeld.

Diamond & Silk are among President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters. They are both young, African American women who used to be Democrats.

The move is sure to be a hit among conservative viewers. But not surprisingly, many on the left are already complaining about the decision.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the new streaming service, however it is yet to be seen if Fox News will be able to make it into a profitable venture. Given that users need to pay to access the content, it may be hard for Fox News to get Fox Nation off the ground–especially since viewers can already watch many of its personalities for free on the cable channel.

However, it is clear that given the left-wing narrative of nearly every other cable channel, there is a desperate need for more right-of-center cable networks and digital offerings.