HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Infections: THIRD of Caravan Migrants Have Serious Health Issues, Officials Say

BREAKING NEWS: A stunning report by Fox News reveals that one third of the migrants traveling in the Central American caravan are being treated for serious health issues including HIV/AIDS, chickenpox, tuberculosis, and other critical infections.

A spokesman from the Tijuana Health Department told Fox News that of the 6,000 migrants in the city right now, nearly 2,300 of them are being treated for serious health conditions. There’s also been a bad outbreak of Hepatitis at the migrant camp, which is located t the Benito Juarez Sports Complex near the San Ysidro U.S.-Mexico Port of Entry.

Coughing and spitting has reportedly become rampant at the large shelter.

The mayor of Tijuana, Juan Manuel Gastelum, said Tuesday that his city cannot afford to assist the migrants for much longer. Currently, Tijuana is spending over $30,000 a day to house and care for the large group–and more people are on the way from Central America amid reports that the US government will have to let them into the country.

During a press conference, Gastelum told reporters, “We won’t compromise the resources of the residents of Tijuana. We won’t raise taxes tomorrow to pay for today’s problem.”

Many Americans are frustrated and terrified of the migrant caravan, whose members plan to rush the US-Mexico border. These migrants claim they are seeking asylum, however most turned down offers of asylum from the Mexican government–the migrants said they specifically wanted to come to the U.S.

Under United States law, asylum is a special protection only given to immigrants fleeing government persecution due to race, religion, or sexual orientation. Those seeking economic opportunity do not qualify for asylum in the U.S.

As the U.S. decides what to do with these thousands of migrants, millions more who remained in Central America are watching closely. If we allow the caravan to stay in the U.S. heartland, more caravans will come. After all, why wouldn’t they?

President Donald Trump has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to control our southern border. However, left-leaning 9th circuit judges are making it nearly impossible to turn migrants away.